I’ve been working as a Director for over 20 years. Here’s a small selection of bits that I’ve made over the last few years.

I have recently launched Creatureco, a company focussing on projects involving puppets and other character creation.

This Facebook Live broadcast for Jose Cuervo is our first project.

The old ferry terminal is Dun Laoghaire was due to be turned into a business innovation centre.

Unfortunately this didn’t come to pass. Here’s the first teaser to advertise the launch.

‘Wildwoods’ is a new, high-concept comedy puppet show for children. Shot entirely on location Northern Ireland I directed the first 13 episodes.

Using Game of Thrones locations and a 30+ person crew, it was as challenging as it was satisfying.

‘If Only I Had the Time’ is a low-budget music video. Completed in 2017, this was made for Bairbre Anne, an Irish singer/songwriter based in Melbourne.

It’s both a testament to her talent as a musician as well a love letter to a great Dublin location – the soon to be demolished John Player Factory in Dublin.

During the summers of 2015 and 2016 I made two seasons of a series called Makers for RTE Young People’s programmes. In the spirit of ‘slow TV’, we filmed 6 Irish traditional craftspeople. Each ‘maker’ had 5x 5 minute episodes devoted to them.

The series were aimed at very young children, but it seems to delight people of all ages. This is a clip from the 2017 series featuring willow weaver Beth Murphy.

Podge and Rodge’s ‘A Scare at Bedtime ran for 9 seasons, finally coming to an end in 2006. Way ahead of their time, they offended and delighted in equal measure and even now have the power to

shock. I was lucky enough to direct the last five seasons. WARNING! Here’s a montage of bits that contains material unsuitable for younger viewers.

In 2016 I was asked to shoot a documentary about Irish people living in Hong Kong. In the first clip we see presenter George Lee wowed by Hong Kong’s sparkling beauty.

In this second clip, George reveals a darker side to life in Hong Kong.

In early 2015 I made a 62 minute landmark documentary for the Irish National Broadcaster RTE.

It told the story of Irish history as presented by the words of its poets.

In 2015 we interviewed the great Marina Abramovic in her apartment in New York for RTE’s The Works. We all fell in love with her…

While in the U.S., John Kelly also interviewed his old friend Elvis Costello.

At the end of 2015 I shot an interview with Irish artist Brian Maguire. It was an arresting and thought-provoking encounter.

This is a short piece made for the Works to promote Cosceim Dance Company’s collaboration with the National gallery.

Kidspeak is a series of short 30 – 60 second ‘interstitial’ films that play all year round on RTE’s young people’s channels.

Over the last few years I’ve directed nearly 600 of them. Here are of ten of the best.

The National Theatre’s extraordinary production of Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Warhorse’ came to Dublin in 2014 and I was asked to shoot a scene for RTE’s ‘The Works’. I directed and shot second camera.

In what is known as the ‘Horsefight’ scene, Joey and Topthorn size each other up prior to their departure to war-ravaged France.

Amelia Curran is a successful Canadian singer/songwriter. This simple live acoustic version of her song ‘Blackbird on Fire’ from the

album ‘Spectators’ was shot at the back of a pub in Wexford St., Dublin in 2013.

Hollie McNish is a poet and spoken word artist. Among many other awards, he was UK Slam poetry champion in 2009, and has toured the world performing at venues as diverse as Glastonbury and The Royal Albert Hall. She made a bit of history when she became the first poet to record an album at Abbey Road studios.

The album ‘Versus’ is available at holliepoetry.com. I filmed her performing an earlier work ‘Mathematics’ when she visited Dublin last year. This simple performance film was selected for screening at the 2014 Zebra Poetry Film festival in Berlin. She’s fab.

I came across this story by accident in 2008 when on a trip to Galway and shot it on the fly with a domestic hand-held DV camera that I happened to have with me. Matt’s story has since been successfully researched and expanded by another filmmaker although the house itself was not featured in his documentary.

At the time I was unable to find out much in the way of supporting information so while the physical elements of the story are true and captured exactly as I found them (the house, objects and photographs), the personal details of Matt’s life conveyed in the rather poetic narrative are purely fictional.

‘The Big Idea’ followed 18 year old Young Scientist winner Tara McGrath to Ethiopia where she travelled to a remote village to field test a revolutionary fuel-efficient stove of her own design.

In this clip we see her finally arrive at the village after a long and gruelling journey. This is the moment of truth but unfortunately a vital pressure cap has been mislaid somewhere en route…

Death’s Mailing was short film that I made off the back of an episode of Scare at Bedtime in 2006. It was made for peanuts, and shot over 6 very long days on locations in Dublin including Stephen’s Green and Kilmainham Jail. It was screened at many festivals including Cannes and NY film and television festival.
It won awards in Galway, Rome, Cyprus and the UK.

Inspired by the story of Burke and Hare, it’s a black comedy about two grave-robbers who turn to murder to make a few extra pounds. In this clip we meet them just after they’ve made a dodgy deal with a shady surgeon/anatomist to supply him with fresh bodies for dissection – no questions asked.